Purity, Pancakes, & Possibilities.

Rarely has a bite of fluffy lemon goodness been quite so profound.

Last weekend a boy was coming.  For the first time.
I had his favorite cereal in the pantry, his favorite ice cream in the freezer, and his favorite soda in the fridge.

I had champagne chilling for morning mimosas and organic berries ready to rest atop the Meyer lemon pancakes I was planning to flip on Monday morning after picking him up bright ‘n’ early at his downtown hotel.

Well, after an unsuccessful Sunday that included enough laps around the mall to rival an 8th grade group date, frustration-filled menu-explaining at a not-that-uppity cafe, and mention of the “M” word…  He and his duffel bag were on the road again before check-in.

So as not to let the pancakes go to waste, they were served to a gorgeous bunch of single ladies the next night…and as the bubbly tickled our tongues, we rolled in laughter at many a horrific dating tale (…mostly from me…) and soaked our wounds in syrup.

Here’s the thing though… it’s not just us & the Jonas Brothers rocking the purity rings and looking for love.

I know there are more of you out there, who have had a similar moment in a bar booth or a church pew… tossing your story of dating disaster into the mix…and here is where we’d like to welcome them, for the enjoyment and consoling and giggling of many.

So…check in weekly for a shake-your-head, forward-to-your-friends, feel-less-badly-about-last-Friday-night episode where names are changed, and details are unfortunately true!

Join us next Monday for Episode 1… “Boobgrabber.”


Of Course He Left His Wallet At Home,


2 responses to “Purity, Pancakes, & Possibilities.

  1. Absolutely fantastic post…besides if a man doesn’t know what a crepe is…there isn’t much hope 😉

  2. Sounds like a guy I dated who is now nicknamed “psycho brad”. Overly touchy, comment overload, arm around my back while I’m trying to drive, told me he likes “my type” then said I was “thick”, when I told him we aren’t going to work out he sends a text saying “please like me” , kept changing his AIM because I blocked him……
    Oh psycho brad….I felt bad for him but at the same time I’m not here to train him how to act around a woman!

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